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EZ Dump Commercial Inc. is an innovative design and engineering company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Our SmartcanMax™ products are revolutionizing how people think about receptacles for waste, recyclables
or linens.

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Industry Benefits


SmartcanMax™ is perfect for janitorial applications due to it’s rugged durability and space saving design. SmartcanMax™ can nested in groups as waste stations to capture all your waste streams efficiently and safely for your team without the added cost of expensive enclosures. A variety of University customers include Purdue, Michigan and San Diego State.

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SmartcanMax™ is perfect for healthcare facilities, where back injuries are common. 33.8 lbs. of trash is created daily by every occupied hospital bed. Heavy linens as well as trash are no match for the revolutionary SmartcanMax™. SmartcanMax™ also meets NSF/ANSI Class 21 standards when used with a liner bag.

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Facilities Management

SmartcanMax™ is perfect for facilities management companies seeking to potentially reduce injury rates and provide a more efficient, durable, long term solution to their cleaning team members working in a variety of environments.

Food Service

SmartcanMax™ is perfect for food service environments, where the funnel top allows for fast capture of heavy food waste at counter height, and the component design makes SmartcanMax™ a snap to keep clean, where our durability is legendary. Piloting customers include Costco, TS Restaurants, iHOP, Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang’s, and others.


The innovative SmartcanMaxFeed™ promotes safe feed storage and handling by eliminating the strain of lifting heavy feed bags into traditional trash containers time and time again. Anyone can use it and now do the feeding chores regardless of size or stature with the added benefits of no more mess, spoilage, waste or rodent issues. The lid snaps on securely to help keep pests out of feed bags. It is secured to the SmartcanMaxFeed™ with a vinyl coated stainless steel lanyard so it won’t get lost. An optional wheeled base allows you to easily move the SmartcanMaxFeed™ in a barn or tack area. SmartcanMaxFeed™ will hold up to an 80lb. bag of feed, and is guaranteed against holes for 3 years!