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EZ Dump Commercial Inc. is an innovative design and engineering company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Our SmartcanMax™ products are revolutionizing how people think about receptacles for waste, recyclables
or linens.

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Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

For us, sustainability begins with SmartcanMax™ users and their backs. EZ Dump Commercial, Inc. supports efforts to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We feel it is our corporate responsibility to protect the environment and help reduce, reuse, and recycle where and when possible. SmartcanMax™ is 100% recyclable, easier to keep clean, and is easily labelled to fit the needs off your entire waste stream program. We believe sustainability and environmental awareness is a must do in our business and we feel all businesses should do their part to design and engineer eco-friendly products.


Our products integrate recycled material – when available and whenever possible. Standard garbage cans are commonly replaced due to damage to the bottom of the garbage can. Our SmartcanMax™ design allows the customer to reuse the SmartcanMax™ body while only replacing the removable base, thus extending its useful life and minimizing replacements costs. Instead of discarding an entire garbage can, often the case with a standard garbage can, you only replace the SmartcanMax™ base. We are happy to promote that there are very few products on the market that allow you to reuse 80% of the product over and over. If and when your SmartcanMax™ needs to be discarded, 100% of the plastic we use is entirely recyclable. SmartcanMax™ has proven to decrease the consumption of trashcan liners. SmartcanMax™ is efficiently designed and engineered; allowing more trash into the liner without fear of tearing the liner due to vacuum or suction experienced when removing the trash bag. More cost effective trash bag liners can be used since there are no vacuum/suction problems when the trash bag is removed from the SmartcanMax™. SmartcanMax™ is manufactured using rotational molding, which prolongs its' life as much as six times longer as our competitors’ injection-molded products. Not only is this more cost effective, our higher quality SmartcanMax™ also reduces plastic going to landfills.

Increase your Profits

Time is money. The innovative SmartcanMax™ is more effective, efficient and easy to use, providing employees a safer, simpler and cleaner trash disposal process. This allows your employees to more quickly get back to sales, increased customer service, and other profit generating tasks. Rather than struggling with full bag liner removal and torn liner bags from a traditional trashcan, SmartcanMax™ is simple, effective, and safe. SmartcanMax™ pays for itself quickly.


SmartcanMax™ is over engineered for superior durability. Our revolutionary design integrates a base, body and funnel top, making it effortless to remove the trash bag. The funnel provides a large opening to capture waste as it is discarded, and keeps the trash bag liner securely in place. SmartcanMax™ components can be replaced separately if necessary to not only provide additional savings, but offer years of service, not mere months. Superior engineering and design, in conjunction with commercial grade manufacturing and environmentally sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable, results in our durable and rugged SmartcanMax™ being perfect for your toughest waste receptacle needs.