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EZ Dump Commercial Inc. is an innovative design and engineering company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Our SmartcanMax™ products are revolutionizing how people think about receptacles for waste, recyclables
or linens.

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Top Ten SmartcanMax™ Features

The SmartcanMax™ base can be easily replaced at a fraction of the cost of a traditional garbage can and the SmartcanMax™ body can be reused repeatedly.

The SmartcanMax™ body fits inside the base, so spills on the outside wall of the can collect inside the EZ Dump SmartcanMax™ and not on your floor.

The SmartcanMax™ removable body eliminates all suction and vacuum that causes back and upper body strain from trying to lift a trash bag out of a traditional trash can.

SmartcanMax™ eliminates the potential of torn bag liners when removing the bag.

The SmartcanMax™ funnel easily locks the bag liner in place. If you prefer, you can simply use the V-grips already integrated into the SmartcanMax™ rim to lock the bag liner in place.

SmartcanMax™ allows you to fill your trash bag to its full capacity, so you use fewer trash can liners and eliminate frequent emptying, which increases employee productivity.

SmartcanMax™ potentially reduces workers’ comp claims by reducing neck, back and upper body strain.

The SmartcanMax™ finish is smooth, so it is easier to clean and maintain. Employees can wash the base, funnel and body easily.

SmartcanMax™ is made of 100% recyclable material, right here in America.

SmartcanMax™ can be customized with graphics, branding, or colors of your business, hospital, school, or university. These can be embedded in the plastic and are not removable.

Additional Accessories and Options

For government and military clients we offer a flat lid that snaps in place.

Advertising sleeves slip over the outside of the EZ Dump SmartcanMax™

Wheeled SmartcanMax™ base units are available.