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EZ Dump Commercial Inc. is an innovative design and engineering company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Our SmartcanMax™ products are revolutionizing how people think about receptacles for waste, recyclables
or linens.

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Standardized labels on recycling bins are the #1 solution for the environment today because they make it easier for people to begin to recycle right. Recycling is the most important action society can do to simultaneously help the environment, the economy, manufacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans -- but recycling doesn't work if society is confused at the bin. The standardized labels are proven to help increase recycling levels 50-100% and significantly decrease the costly garbage thrown in recycling bins.

It's that simple.

Link to Recycle Across America®

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Product image

Combining our patented waste and recycle receptacle, SmartcanMax™ with Recycle Across America® standardized labels supports environmental and human sustainability. The labels are available in three sizes to customize your SmartcanMax™ - 7x10, 5.5x8.5, 4x9.

Increase recycle and waste capture rates as much as 50-100% while decreasing expensive workers’ compensation claims by utilizing standardized labels on SmartcanMax™.

For volume purchases, EZ Dump Commercial offers a Recycle Across America® labeling program. Click here to learn more.

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